Global NGO Forum: Critical Incident Response



On October 25, 2018, Allegiant Global Partners, along with The KonTerra Group, On Call International and Michael O’Neill Paragon Solutions, hosted a hands-on workshop in Washington D.C. The goal of this event was for attendees to collaborate with the hosts to strategize effective responses to possible crisis scenarios that could occur both in the US and internationally. These case scenarios were all very complex and multilayered, ranging from an active shooter situation in D.C. to a vehicle accident in Nigeria. 

The event started off with introductions from each of the resource companies. Attendees then learned that each group would be representing a specific NGO when solving their case scenarios. This proved to be an added challenge, as some NGO’s did not possess comprehensive resources or insurance coverage. Attendees got started working through their case scenarios, asking the resource companies for help and guidance when needed. 

After a lunch break, the attendees got to present their case scenario findings to the whole group, talking through any obstacles they may have faced. This provided a great way for attendees to hear and ask questions about the other case scenarios in the room. These presentations ended in some interesting conversations about cultural norms, communication, resiliency and more. 

At the end of the event, attendees were given the opportunity to provide their overall takeaways and feedback on the workshop. This feedback will help Allegiant Global Partners, along with the other resource companies, make future workshops and events even better and more engaging. Thank you to all those who attended the workshop, we hope to see you again at a future event! 

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